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Customers can make payments ("Payments") of the Purchase price by using all major credit and debit cards and other electronic payment methods (collectively, "Payment methods").

In case of Credit Card payments, the Seller will debit the Purchase price to the Customer via the selected Payment method only when the Order is accepted. 

However, prior security checks to prevent insolvency or fraud may take place, or an authorisation hold or pre-payment may be carried out to verify that the Payment method used by the Customer is active and available for Payment. 

The Seller does not directly process any credit/debit card details or other financial information of the Customer and uses a primary payment gateway ("Payment gateway") to authorize any Payment.

The Payment gateway protects the credit/debit card details by encrypting sensitive information to ensure that such information is passed securely between the Customer and this Site, on one side, and between this Site and the payment processor, on the other side. However, the Seller cannot be held liable for any error, negligence or wrongdoing referable to how the Payment gateway has managed the financial transaction linked to the purchase of the Products on this Site. 

This Site also uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to guarantee a higher standard of safety on any purchase of Products.