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Sharing is Caring

"Realize, Provide, Enhance"

 As a clothing company, it is our duty to give, educate, and share our knowledge with the community.

"Materials for the Arts collects unneeded items from businesses and individuals, and make these donations available for free to its recipients: nonprofit organizations with arts programming, government agencies, and public schools."


Materials for the Arts

 Why Did VDN Donate?

VDN donated 300 yards of fabric because we believed it can be used for greater things. We knew it could be used in creating costumes for the art department in public schools or other projects. By cutting their financial costs down, they can focus on creativity and allow the students to express their ideas through the arts.

Thinking about becoming a donor? Visit Materials for the Arts to learn more.

What causes and organizations in NYC do you think VDN should know about? Share your comments below. We would love to learn more from you!

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