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"Henry IV Part One" VERA DE NERO collaborates with Broadway Shows

VERA DE NERO has donated custom made print fabrics to theHip to Hip” in contribution to the theatre community. Costume Designer Nancy Nichols has chosen VERA DE NERO fabric to be used in Broadway shows such as Henry IV Part 1 for upcoming summer performances. 

The focus of this collaboration is to provide the film and theatre industry with fabrics that will emulate the beauty of cinema, while helping the environment. Recycling unused fabric will contribute to conversing raw materials and energy used in the manufacturing process. Less energy used means less is generated, resulting in smaller carbon footprints for our Earth.

The theater company “Hip to Hip” will be using VERA DE NERO custom fabric to create costumes, props, and set dressings for their 2017 performances. VERA DE NERO will continue collaborating with the film/theatre community to pay tribute and make an impact to the future of the Arts. As a clothing company, it is our duty to give, educate, and share our knowledge with the community.

Stay tuned to see VERA DE NERO's upcoming film and theatre collaborations.

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