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The Fashion Foundation Welcomes VERA DE NERO's Partnership

The Fashion Foundation | VERA DE NERO

What is The Fashion Foundation?


The Fashion Foundation, founded by Amanda Munz, is a non-profit organization that uses the world of fashion to provide school supplies to the students of NYC. Designers, like Rebecca Minkoff and Nine West, donate their pieces and the Fashion Foundation uses the money raised from sales to purchase school supplies. What else is better than helping our community while staying in style?


Why did VERA DE NERO donate?

Founded in NYC, VERA DE NERO wanted to give back locally. The Fashion Foundation ties fashion and helping New York City's local children, so it was a no brainer to partner up with the organization.


“Being a part of something bigger than ourselves is rewarding. As a company, we must contribute to our future generation’s success.” –Anna Davis, CEO & Founder

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